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Cocain Test Kit

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For purity assessments, explore Herbkemi‘s Cocaine Test Kit.

Key Features of Cocaine Urine Drug Testing Strips:

  • 300ng Sensitivity: The industry standard for workplace drug tests.
  • 99.8% Accuracy
  • Detects Cocaine and Crack Cocaine for up to 5 days post-use.
  • Swift & user-friendly urine drug test strip.
  • Results in 3-5 minutes.
  • CE & International Quality Certified.
  • Individually foil-wrapped for safety.
  • Crafted by HerbKemi.

For enhanced sensitivity, consider our Cocaine Test Kit a Drug Test Strips.

HerbKemi’s Cocaine Test Kit Overview

Crafted for the presumptive detection of cocaine, our kit uses a treated cotton swab for versatile testing. Check any surface for residue—tables, pipes, baggies, and hands—with no visible drug powder needed. The test is user-friendly, free from acids or harmful substances, ensuring safe usage.

Cocain Test Kit Sample Appearances:
Cocaine can manifest as a fine powder, rocks, crystals, pastes, or even dissolved forms like vaping juices.
Note: Prices mentioned are for the US. International rates may differ.

Ordering Cocaine Test Kits?

These specialized devices swiftly detect cocaine or its derivatives. Ideal for law enforcement, workplaces, and medical settings, they identify cocaine via chemical reactions, often using test strips or reagents. Discover if your cocaine has been adulterated with our Cocaine Cuts Test Kit, which detects harmful agents like Levamisole, Phenacentine, and Ephedrine.

Levamisole Concerns:
Originally a livestock dewormer, Levamisole in humans can lead to severe immune complications. Shockingly, by 2011, about 82% of tested cocaine samples contained Levamisole, up from 1.9% in 2005. Always prioritize safety.

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