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4-HO-MET, or 4-hydroxy-N-ethyl-N-methyltryptamine, is a synthetic indole alkaloid molecule of the tryptamine chemical class that produces psilocin.

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MET Fumarate for sale

Product Name: MET fumarate

Other Name(s): N-Ethyl-N-methyltryptamine, Methylethyltryptamine

IUPAC Name: Ethyl-(2-(1H-indol-3-yl)-ethyl)-methylamine

CAS: 5599-69-9

Molar Mass: 202.295 g/mol

Purity: >97%

Appearance: light tan powder

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Methylethyltryptamine, abbreviated as MET, emerges as a novel psychedelic luminary within the esteemed tryptamine class. Renowned for its potent yet ephemeral psychedelic manifestations, MET boasts structural parallels to DMT, yet distinguishes itself with unparalleled rapid onset, transient effects, and distinctive progressive stages. Notably, the fumarate salt variant exhibits pronounced activity when subjected to smoking or vaporization methods.

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